Clinics and Camps


One Day Clinics Overview

Our one day clinics are jam packed with skills, drills, riding, food, and lots of laughs! With our certified coaches we like to offer a fun and safe environment to learn new skills on and off the trail. We love bringing women together to build a community of shred ready ladies to conquer their riding goals.

Private Mountain Bike Camp Overview

Over private camps take it to another level. We offer the best food, coaches and staff to give you an unforgettable experience. Our mornings include delicious breakfast, yoga, skills practice, then a break for lunch. After a lunch, we finish the day with an afternoon ride finding technical sections of trail to session.


Team and mission

Taught by women created for women. We’re on a mission to inspire confidence, eat delicious food and build a tribe of lady shredders.



We love hearing people’s stories after camp is over!


2019 Camp Calendar


Organic Cuisine

Something our team takes serious is our passion for healthy food. Amber, our culinary artist, feeds you food made with a purpose. Meals made with intention targeting female athletes and optimal nutrition to get the most out of what they’re eating. Everything you eat will be a nutrient dense meal.


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